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Sunset Grill at Blue
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13 pages (7 pages of text)
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Case (Field)
A partner and owner of the Sunset Grill at Blue Mountain in the ski village at Blue Mountain, Ontario, had very mixed emotions. The restaurant had just finished its first year of operation and had broken even, and had been named as the Business of the Year in the counties of Simcoe and Grey. Yet the owner knew that operations were still far from perfect. Queues of waiting customers were very long, food orders were delivered slowly, and tensions were rising. What could be done to improve the situation?
Learning Objective:
This case was written for courses on operations, particularly in the section on managing capacity and demand. It could also be used in a service management or service operation course. It allows students to:
  • Calculate capacity and throughput time based on the information presented in the case.
  • Illustrate the service concept of an all-day breakfast restaurant.
  • Illustrate the issues involved in securing a franchise and the growing pains associated with opening a new restaurant.
  • Examine how seasonality affects business profitability.
Entrepreneurship,  Operations Management
Accommodation & Food Services
Canada, Small, 2009
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Translations: Japanese (14 pages)
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