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Sabena Belgian World Airlines: Weytjens' First Assignment
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This case is the first supplement to Sabena Belgian World Airlines (A). It outlines the strategic changes implemented by Pierre Godfroid, Sabena’s CEO, and introduces Erik Weytjens, a recent graduate of an MBA program. This case outlines Weytjens’s first assignment to solve a major logistics problem in the dishwashing department. The case, along with the follow-on series of cases, provides the opportunity to: 1) make decisions and take action under realistic constraints of limited information, time, and credibility; and 2) reflect on how the pattern of actions supports or undermines strategy.
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Although the case series provides an excellent opportunity to examine issues of strategy formulation in a global industry, its unique strength is in demonstrating the reality of strategy implementation. The (A) case deals with strategy formulation from the CEO’s perspective and the follow-up cases deal with strategy implementation from the perspective of a manager. As such, this case series is positioned to bridge the gap between strategy cases from the perspective of CEOs and those from the perspective of operating managers. It is one of a select few case series that deals with strategic analysis and action from the perspective of a new manager who must operate in “real time.” Sabena Belgian World Airlines - Video is essential in enabling students to connect with the situation.
General Management/Strategy,  International
Transportation and Warehousing
Belgium, Large, 1992
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Supplements: 9A94M006 (2 pages) 9A94MF04 (7 pages) 9A94M008 (2 pages) 9A94M005 (2 pages) 9A94MC004 (6 pages) 9A94M007 (2 pages)
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