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Shiny Provision Store: Retailing Challenges in the Indian Context
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Case (Field)
India has millions of kirana (small stores) but modern retail outlets are emerging. The case illustrates the challenges confronting the shop owner of Shiny Provision Store, a kirana in the suburbs of Bangalore, India. A customer, who is a market researcher, decides to explore how a small retailer in the food and groceries business can survive in an environment that is getting increasingly sophisticated in terms of professional techniques being applied to modern retailing. Data on retail images of small shops and modern outlets as well as lifestyle information on consumers is presented.
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The objectives of this case are to: enable students to appreciate the major differences between a developed market and an emerging market like India with regard to retailing; conceptually analyze the impact of modern retailing on the shopping behavior of consumers who have been used to kirana stores or small shops for decades; enable students to understand how the various dimensions of a retail outlet can be perceived differently by consumers of small outlets and modern retail outlets who belong to different demographic segments; enable students to work out a strategy for a small retailer (kirana store) facing intense competition from a modern retail outlet in the same market area. The case can be used in basic courses in the principles of marketing at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, in consumer behaviour courses at the postgraduate level and also in any course that addresses emerging markets.
Entrepreneurship,  International,  Marketing
Retail Trade
India, 2008-2010
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