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RBC Financial Group - Entering India
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17 pages (7 pages of text)
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Case (Field)
In January 2007, the managing director of Global Financial Institutions (GFI), a business unit within the Capital Markets group of RBC Financial Group (RBC), was facing dilemmas at two levels: personal and organizational. He had been mandated by RBC to lead an expansion project with the goal to open a representative's office in Mumbai, India. GFI had already established a revenue pipeline from India through relationships it developed with Indian financial institutions, yet the managing director had concerns. He determined that the financial upside of expansion was limited in the short-run. His own boss, the head of RBC Capital Markets, was unwilling to have a presence in India and the managing director was worried that his career was being placed at risk for GFI's limited financial gain should the market entry occur. He wondered how to steer the bank's managers towards making an informed decision on entering the Indian market without the support of interim sponsorship from the business groups. He had to focus on the big picture while safeguarding the financial interests of GFI as the sole sponsor and of his own as a career professional.
General Management/Strategy,  International
Finance and Insurance
Canada,India, Large, 2007
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