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Taiwan Taxi's iCall System: Realizing the Value of GPS-Dispatch Systems
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21 pages (14 pages of text)
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Case (Field)
The chief executive officer (CEO) of Taiwan Taxi must assess the adoption of iCall by the firm's taxi drivers. When originally conceived, iCall was supposed to be the basis for substantial growth in the number of taxi drivers signing up with Taiwan Taxi. But even after many years, adoption still lags behind the plan. The CEO must assess the reasons for the slower adoption of iCall and make recommendations on whether to revise the goal or improve adoption in order to meet it. The case demonstrates the many complexities involved in realizing business value from the adoption of information technology.
Learning Objective:
  • To illustrate how the innovative design of a business model can add value to technology application.
  • To show how users' local practices influence the value that is realized from a technology, independent of the initial expectations.
  • To demonstrate that iCall can be employed more effectively if its potentials in location-based services are exploited.
This case aims to highlight that information technology (IT) value comes from the alignment of an organization - its strategy, its business model, its policies and its people - and a technology within the context of a particular environment - an industry, a geography and a time.
Information Systems
Transportation and Warehousing
Taiwan, Medium, 2009
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Translations: Traditional Chinese (24 pages) , Simplified Chinese (24 pages)
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