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Ciputra Group: Shaping the City in Asia
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15 pages (10 pages of text)
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Case (Field)
The Ciputra Group was set up by Mr. Ciputra in the 1980s, after a long entrepreneurial career with a vision to provide a business for his children. The case describes the development of this group, which evolved into a prominent and innovative player in the Indonesian property sector. Under Ciputra's guidance, the company became known for its satellite cities, in which the group combined technical, construction and urban planning qualities, along with the ability to understand and manoeuvre in the difficult Indonesian environment. The Ciputra Group moved into areas where the government was weak (public facilities, roads, sewerage, city management, security, etc) and as such became an institutional entrepreneur that shaped Indonesia's cities. This model was later exported to other emerging markets. The case ends with the company facing two sets of interlinked problems. One set is strategic, as the company's business model has proven to be vulnerable, and it is undergoing various changes. The question is what strategic option the company should choose. The second set of issues concerns the leadership and corporate structure of the group. Since Ciputra is in his late 70s, a generational change in leadership is imminent, and students are asked to reflect on the most appropriate path towards further development of the business from one led by a charismatic entrepreneur towards a professional family business. The two sets of issues are interlinked with each other and pose opportunities and constraints.
Entrepreneurship,  General Management/Strategy,  International
Real Estate and Rental and Leasing
Indonesia, Medium, 2009
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