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IIF and QuaTeams Creating a Custom CRM
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19 pages
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Case (Field)
IIF (Institute of International Finance) was eight months into the customized development of a customer relationship management system (CRM) by a small software development firm, QuaTeams. IIF, a member organization, wants to replace their current CRM, an Access database, by integrating member information from different departments: economic research, membership, events and finance. In addition, they want to be able to handle the growing number of members and track the interactions between their staff and their membership. With two months to go before the scheduled launch, both sides must make decisions to overcome the remaining technical hurdles they have with the database and security. The IIF must also consider implementation issues and think of creative ways that the customer relationship management system can be used once the system is operational. The objective of the case is to introduce students to the development of a custom CRM and how the process of developing and implementing a CRM can change the way an organization deals with its customers.
Customer Relationship Management; Management Information Systems; Computer System Implementation; Project Management
Information Systems
Finance and Insurance
United States, Small, 2003
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