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The World's First Web Services Community Portal: BigTrumpet.com of NTUC Income, Singapore
Neerja Sethi; D.G. Allampalli
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20 pages
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The Asian Business Case Centre, NTU
The case describes the successful creation and Phase One launch of the world's first web services technology-based portal BigTrumpet.com in October 2002 by a large cooperative society, the NTUC Income Insurance Cooperative Limited Singapore (NTUC Income), to enrich and empower the lives of Singaporeans by aggregating numerous services. Known for its ability to glue disparate systems, savings in integration and middleware costs and interoperability, the web services technology was a new lifeline for obsolete mainframes.Set to launch in seven months, the case documents how James Kang, chief information officer of NTUC Income overcame the challenges of new technology, multi-agency coordination, tight deadline for Phase One completion and launch. Pioneered by the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) in April 2002, the BigTrumpet.com project was a model for cooperation among public-private-people partnership. Furthermore, the portal won the Singapore 2004 National Infocomm merit award for innovative use of infocomm technology. Despite these many achievements, Kang wondered what options were available to improve the portal's take-up rates by other service providers and value proposition to its customers.
International,  Management Science,  Information Systems
Public Administration
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