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Jinjian Garment Factory: Motivating Go-slow Workers
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Case (Field)
Peking University
Jinjian Garment Factory is a large clothing manufacturer based in Shenzhen with distribution to Hong Kong and overseas. Although Shenzhen had become one of the most advanced garment manufacturing centres in the world, managers in this industry still had few effective ways of dealing with the collective and deliberate slow pace of work by the employees, of motivating workers, and of resolving the problem between seasonal production requirements and retention of skilled workers. However, the owner and managing director of the company must determine the reasons behind the deliberately slow pace of the workers, the pros and cons of the piecework system and the methods he could adopt to motivate the workers effectively.
Learning Objective:
This case should enable students to become acquainted with the working environment and industrial relations in a developing country like China, the nature of labor-intensive industries such as the garment industry, the basic needs of employees in the garment industry, and the strengths and weaknesses of the piecework system. Students will also learn how to manage the relationship with employees of this kind.

Second, this case should enable students to understand to the importance of organizational justice (distributive justice and procedural justice) and the prerequisites of effective management practice.

Third, this case should enable students to consider the role that human nature often plays in the workplace and assess the practice of moral leadership.

This case is suitable for a section of the human resource management (employment relationship, compensation system design), organizational behavior (leadership, organizational culture) or strategic management (organization design) courses.
Entrepreneurship,  General Management/Strategy,  International
China, Small, 1999
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