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QiLing Research Hospital
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Case (Field)
The QiLing Research Hospital (QiLing), located in Beijing, China, headed by Dr. Tien Tzu, CEO, is in a partnership with the China Research Network (CRN). This partnership was formed in an effort to mutually benefit both parties in terms of becoming a leader in health-care quality standards and creating more effective health-care techniques. Due to the intertwined nature of this relationship, the acquisition of human capital for specific positions within the hospital requires CRN to provide the candidates. Dr. Tien Tzu is increasingly concerned that CRN's hiring conditions are hindering QiLing's potential - specifically referencing the latest batch of candidates CRN has provided to fill a key spot in the neurology department. She is aware that the right people are the key to maintaining QiLing's growth and loyalty and has analyzed how the candidate selection process, overall compensation, and job retention efforts affect the quality of the human capital pool. She is entertaining thoughts about overhauling the process for the benefit of QiLing, and is unsure how CRN will respond to any proposals she might make.
Learning Objective:
At the end of this session, students should be able to:
  • Understand that a crop of bad résumés might be a symptom of how the résumés are collected
  • Understand when and how secondment and external/open competition systems are used, with special emphasis on their advantages and disadvantages
  • Become aware that once systems are analysed and evaluated, they can then be deconstructed in order to create new systems that will better serve the company’s needs
Organizational Behaviour/Leadership,  International
Health Care Services
China, Medium, 2007
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