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Clearwater Fine Foods Inc.: Using a Group Support System for Strategic Planning
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12 pages
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Case (Field)
Clearwater Fine Foods Inc. is a Canadian-based multinational seafood harvester and producer with a fleet of over 35 ships and 4 offices. The finance and accounting group, headquartered in Bedford, Nova Scotia, used a Group Support System (GSS) to complete the initial stage of its strategic plan. This case deals with the results of a facilitated-GSS session, and participants' reactions to the technology. The MIS manager must decide whether to continue using this technology, and if so, for which tasks and organizational groups.
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The case centres on assessing the strategic and process value of GSS technology. This case is useful for introducing students to GSS and to computer-supported collaborative work. Most students will not have seen, and even fewer will have used a GSS. As such, the case is also good for discussions on valuing investments in information technology.

This case is suitable for both graduate and undergraduate students completing introductory MIS courses or courses on Decision Support. It is also suitable for hands-on teaching with a GSS in the classroom since most students will not be familiar with this technology. This case affords an opportunity not only to discuss the merits of GSS but also their boundary conditions.
Information Systems
Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting
Canada, Medium, 1997
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