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Hong Kong's Tradelink: An EDI Vision
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Case (Field)
The general manager of Hong Kong's Tradelink project has to decide whether Tradelink should issue a Request for Proposals to computer vendors now, or wait a few months for the Hong Kong government's formal approval that it will grant Tradelink a monopoly to operate an electronic data interchange (EDI) service for government trade documents and take a shareholding in the company. The central issue in the case is the question of the extent to which EDI is really a strategic necessity at this time for Hong Kong. The case also provides students with exposure to the Hong Kong business environment, a basic understanding of EDI and how it works and the application of EDI to international trading practices.
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This case can be used most effectively in an information technology management course, in the section of the course curriculum dealing with information technology strategy. The case allows students to explore the issue of using information technology (specifically, EDI) as a strategic weapon, in this case from the perspective of Hong Kong Inc. Second, it provides students with a description of EDI and how it works, as well as the application of EDI to the complex international trade cycle. In the process, it allows students the opportunity to assess whether or not the solution advocated by Tradelink is the best solution for Hong Kong. The case also provides an interesting comparison to the Singapore TradeNet case series, allowing the students the opportunity to evaluate the process and solution taken by each territory.
International,  Information Systems
Public Administration
Hong Kong, Large, 1992
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