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Rosenbluth: Quality Management in Services
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25 pages
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Case (Field)
This case addresses the concepts of quality in services and the role of information technology in providing breakthrough service. By capitalizing on an opportunity created by the deregulation of the airline industry, Rosenbluth has used technological innovation and a commitment to the service deliverers to add value for both the end users of business travel services as well as to reduce travel expenses for the corporations themselves. This case illustrates that people are at the heart of service delivery, but Rosenbluth has given its associates a system that enables them to deliver value to the customer. Most organizations would have been happy to have achieved those aspects of quality management described in the case, but Rosenbluth wants more. Kathy Veit is faced with determining how to build upon a very structured approach concentrating on training which occurred during the previous eighteen months. Her concern is how to inculcate quality into key business initiatives across the organization.
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This case is part of the Rosenbluth Case Series which also includes Rosenbluth: Supply Chain Management in Services and Rosenbluth International Mexico. Although each of the cases stands alone, they can be combined into a module that can be used to describe the key elements of building and implementing an effective service delivery system. The case can be used to demonstrate a highly successful application of quality principles in a service industry. It can also be used to illustrate how information systems can be used to gain competitive advantage in a rapidly changing business environment. It also provides a good background to Rosenbluth International that can serve as an introduction to the Rosenbluth case series.
International,  Operations Management
Other Services
USA, Large, 1992
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