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GE Energy Management Initiative (A)
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Case (Field)
The business development manager for General Electric (GE) Canada, met with executives from GE Supply, a US-based distribution arm of GE. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss new business opportunities in energy management and efficiency. The business development manager had identified some opportunities for business development in Canada, while leveraging GE's strategic capabilities did not fit well with GE's corporate structure. He was keen to work with GE Supply but wanted to retain a high level of operating autonomy. The challenge was to put together an appropriate organizational structure and find a home for the new development idea. (A sequel to this case is available, GE Energy Management Initiative (B). A 12-minute video may also be purchased with this case, GE Energy Management Initiative - Video.)
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GE Energy Management Initiative (A) presents background on GE, the energy management business opportunity, and the issues of an appropriate home. GE Energy Management Initiative (B) reports the initial actions taken by Bhatt and carries the development of the business forward to a point of a crisis and potential shutdown. Both require the student, as Bhatt, to come to grips with difficult circumstances, and determine the best action to take in the interests of the company and of himself.
Entrepreneurship,  General Management/Strategy,  International
Canada, Large, 1992
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Use With: 7A94G005 (12 min) , 9A94G006 (3 pages)
Translations: Traditional Chinese (14 pages) , Simplified Chinese (8 pages) , French (10 pages)
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