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Earth Buddy
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Case (Field)
About 15 operators work in a simple hybrid batch-flow environment to produce the Earth Buddy novelty product. The case introduces the topic of process analysis. Sufficient information is presented to introduce and discuss the following concepts in an 80-minute class: capacity, throughput time, cycle time, bottleneck identification and resolution, and work-in-process inventory accumulation and draw-down. Issues that can be explored during the discussion include: shift scheduling, the impact of cross-training, batch versus flow production, rush orders, and the impact of defects on capacity. (An Extend simulation file is available for this case, Earth Buddy - Extend Simulation file.)
Learning Objective:
To develop a basic understanding of process analysis for a simple manufactured product. In addition, the use of simulation demonstrates the interactions between capacity, variability and inventory for processes. By changing either variability or inventory, system capacity is affected. In addition, Earth Buddy - Extend Simulation file introduces and illustrates the application of computer-based simulation as a decision tool for managers.
Operations Management
Canada, Small, 1994
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Translations: Simplified Chinese (3 pages) , Traditional Chinese (6 pages)
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