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BreadTalk Group: Transformation through Talent and Technology
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Case (Field)
Founded in 2000, with its headquarters in Singapore, BreadTalk Group Limited used a creative lifestyle concept to attract consumers who were accustomed to viewing bread as inexpensive, basic food. In 2003, the company founder and chairman achieved his goal of listing the company on the Singapore stock exchange to raise capital for scaling up operations. By mid-2018, the company had grown to become a regional, multi-brand food and beverages enterprise with 11 brands, almost 1,000 outlets across 18 territories, and a staff of over 7,500 people. In 2018, BreadTalk Group Limited opened a new restaurant in London, United Kingdom, representing its first entry into the Western market. However, the executive team had to engage the company’s employees across continents and inspire them to innovate, especially through the use of technology. The first step was to choose the right management team for the new business unit in London and build a new talent pool in Europe.
Learning Objective:
This case is suitable for graduate- and post-graduate-level courses on entrepreneurship, human resources and talent management, or organizational behaviour. The case can also be used in executive development programs about enterprises in Asia. The case describes major challenges and key success factors in a company’s different growth stages. It also illustrates how the role of the founder changed over time and highlights his entrepreneurial characteristics. Students can reflect on developing an innovative, digital-ready, and adaptable culture, and using technology to empower talent. After working through the case and assignment questions, students will be able to
  • understand the challenges facing an entrepreneur at different stages of a company’s growth and how the entrepreneur can change roles to overcome challenges;
  • investigate the mindset and relevant entrepreneurial characteristics of a founder who is considering stepping down;
  • learn how to assemble a team and build a talent pool for expansion into another continent;
  • examine how to inspire and motivate employees to innovate, especially in corporate ventures; and
  • explore how technology in the digital age, or during a crisis, can facilitate innovation and employee engagement across continents.
Organizational Behaviour/Leadership
Accommodation & Food Services
Singapore; China, Large, 2018
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