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Activision's Skylanders: The Quest to Bring Toys to Life
Jeremy Dann, Marianne Szymanski, Divya Sathyanarayanan
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21 pages
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Case (Field)
Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies - USC Marshall
One of the world’s most successful video game companies, Activision was looking create a potent new game franchise after the success of its popular Guitar Hero and Call of Duty products of the early 2000s. An internal design studio proposed Skylanders, an entirely new concept and business model in the video game industry. Capitalizing on RFID technology, they created collectible, physical toys that were integrated into game play, pioneering a new game category: “toys to life.” After media and game powerhouses introduced similar offerings, Activision executives had to decide what the next wave of growth might be in a crowded marketplace.
Learning Objective:
To illustrate the steps a major company took in executing a successful corporate entrepreneurship effort that created a whole new category of video games.
To examine how companies utilize existing organizational capabilities an create new ones in order to exploit valuable innovation opportunities.
Arts, Entertainment, Sports and Recreation
North America, United States, California, Silicon Valley
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