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From BoysTown to yourtown: Rebranding an Iconic Australian Charity
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Case (Field)
yourtown was an Australian non-profit organization offering a variety of services to children, young people, and families, supported by a range of stakeholders including federal and state governments, corporations, and, most significantly, members of the public. It was best known for its art union initiative in which supporters bought tickets to a raffle for luxury homes and automobiles.
In 2016, the organization rebranded from BoysTown, which at the time had awareness levels of 60 per cent in Australia. Now, in 2017, yourtown had an awareness level of only 10 per cent. Had the rebranding been the right move? Had it been too slow? Was it possible to regain past awareness levels or even exceed them?
Learning Objective:
Students will have the opportunity through this case to employ detailed stakeholder analysis and situation analysis including, but not limited to, a political, economic, sociological, technological, environmental, and legal + competitive (PESTEL+C) analysis and a Porter’s five-forces analysis. After working through the case and assignment questions, students will understand
  • the important difference between strategic and tactical moves and how to differentiate one from the other;
  • branding as a key strategic tool;
  • the common reasons for rebranding;
  • how to implement a significant rebrand; and
  • how to gauge brand awareness and rebranding success.
Social Advocacy Organizations
Australia, Large, 2017
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