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Spencer’s Retail Limited: Store Format and Private Label Decisions
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Case (Field)
Spencer’s Retail, a fast-moving consumer goods retail chain in India, had been perceived as an expensive retailer exclusively for high-end consumers. A new sector head took over in 2013 and shifted the store from a positioning statement of “Taste the World” to “Make Fine Living Affordable.” Within five years, Spencer’s was making a profit. However, traditional grocery stores continued to dominate the Indian retail scene and were more heavily frequented by Indian shoppers. To maintain a sustainable profit, Spencer’s had to expand the business by opening more retail outlets and increasing same-store sales growth by increasing footfalls and basket size. What store format and combination of private label and national label products would help Spencer’s reach this goal?
Learning Objective:
This case is suitable for use in undergraduate- and graduate-level courses on marketing strategy, marketing management, or business leadership to illustrate competition from a marketing point of view, including competitive advantage and brand protection. After working through the case and assignment questions students will be able to
  • design strategies in a highly competitive environment to create a favourable store perception for a retail brand with its merchandise mix and in-store experience;
  • explore the impact of change in positioning from premium and expensive to an affordable brand for the masses;
  • understand the role of store format as a strategy in expansion; and
  • identify and evaluate strategic alternatives for a retail store brand to exploit the evolving shopping behaviour of customers in an era with a strong movement from small, local shops to retail giants.
Marketing,  International
Retail Trade
India, Large, 2019
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