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Reviving the One Woman Campaign - Addressing a Clogged Leadership Pipeline
Grishma Shah, Srinivas R Pingali, Angela Grotto
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16 pages
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North American Case Research Association
In late 2017, Peri Malhotra, Head of Employee Development at Quatrro Global Services (QGS) was concerned about the future of the One Woman campaign started at the firm two years prior. She led the initiative with her direct manager, Alok Narain, Executive Vice President of Human Resource and Development. Despite a concerted effort, Malhotra remained one of the few senior women executives at the firm. The One Woman campaign was launched in 2015 with the aim of attracting, retaining, developing and most importantly, helping women ascend the leadership ladder. The program was well received by participants, generating substantial buzz among women employees, but Malhotra had also heard some grumblings from male employees, especially about the preferential treatment the program maybe promoting. The financial budgeting process for 2018 had begun and unless Malhotra and Narain were able to provide a comprehensive assessment of the campaign, the value added by the initiatives and ways to improve it, the program would most likely be cut. Malhotra and Narain were reflecting on their efforts and both were eager to sustain the program.
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This case can help students evaluate and formulate suggestions for improving human resource initiatives designed to increase gender equity in leadership in different contexts. The instructor can choose to focus more on certain learning objectives than others based on course level, course topic, and the instructor's preferences. Upon analysis of the case, students will be able to achieve the following learning objectives: 1. Critically evaluate the effectiveness of human resource programs that are designed to promote gender parity in leadership. 2. Assess the effects of various organizational practices and behaviors that may inhibit women's leadership development and advancement. 3. Devise ways for organizations to achieve the goal of gender parity in leadership.
Human Resource Management
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