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Building and Maintaining Professional Networks in Good Times and Bad
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Ivey Business Journal
This article examines the value of peer networks, then offers advice on how to maintain and grow professional relationships when physical gatherings are not an option. Developing a robust peer network has long been considered mission critical for business professionals. However, if you want them to last decades, networks require regular maintenance, which is more difficult when physical distancing requirements exist. Anyone who puts time and thought into virtual networking can build a more robust professional network that can help improve decision-making, identify career opportunities, and overcome personal challenges for years to come. The main obstacle to networking virtually is not taking the time to do it. Virtual networking, of course, will never replace connecting in person, so as you network online, think about ways to maintain and deepen your connections when larger physical gatherings become possible. No matter where your professional connections were formed, keep in mind that everyone on the planet has shared the soul-searching experience of being isolated from others during the pandemic. This represents an opportunity to connect with others like never before, which can help advance your career—not to mention improve how we collectively face the challenges and inequities that exist in the workplace and our communities in this disruptive age.
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