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Congratulations Melissa, the Job Is Yours. But …
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Case (Field)
In part A of the case, Melissa Law was offered a position as a human resources operations manager only a few weeks after completing her final course in a graduate industrial relations program at a prestigious Canadian university. She was ecstatic when Elias Ferenc, the person she would report to, offered her the position. Her enthusiasm, however, was quickly deflated when Elias expressed his reservations about hiring her. He worried that she would rely too heavily on her formal education rather than getting to know her new work environment and the employees that she managed, many of whom had significantly less formal education than she did. Melissa had to make a quick decision about the job offer. How would she respond to Elias? In Part B of the case, after Melissa accepted the position, she was challenged with making changes in a workplace where the staff members were much older, with much lower formal education. How would she relate to employees that would be reporting to her?
Learning Objective:
The case can be used in undergraduate- or graduate-level courses on leadership, leading change, and careers. The main themes of this two-part case include transitions, management, and leadership for older employees. After completion of this case and assignment questions, students will be able to
  • develop insights to managing transitions in jobs;
  • appreciate the importance of feedback for developmental purposes;
  • highlight the need to develop self-awareness and a personal leadership approach; and
  • offer advice on earning the respect of new groups of employees, especially those who may be older.
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