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Cooper Construction Ltd.: Goodman School of Business Expansion Project
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Case (Field)
On April 10, 2018, after his morning meeting about the Goodman School of Business expansion project, the site superintendent for the project realized he should consider reworking the schedule for the remainder of the expansion project. The plan had the renovation work in the main hallways scheduled to be done in fall 2018, but the hallways would be used to access all classrooms during that semester. During classroom changeover times, 1,200+ students could be in the hallways, so if construction was underway at that time there could be delays, and traffic flow would be impeded. The challenge for the site superintendent, having already committed to finishing the renovation of eight classrooms and an entire floor of offices before the start of fall classes, was determining whether all the sub-trades involved in the project had capacity and could be coordinated in a way that would result in the completion of the hallways on time for the fall semester.
Learning Objective:
The case is designed for use in undergraduate- or graduate-level courses on operations management or project management and has been used in upper-level project management courses. The case can also be used for a traditional one-class discussion or over a period of weeks to teach MS Project.

This case was developed to aid instructors in facilitating discussions of key project management concepts and allows for an analytical approach to cover the basic skills in planning a project. After working through the case and assignment questions, students will understand
  • precedence relationships, critical path, due dates, uncertainty, and crashing;
  • dealing with scheduling challenges;
  • project laddering; and
  • Microsoft (MS) Project or other project management software.
Operations Management
Canada, Medium, 2019
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