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Impossible Foods, Beyond Burgers, and Plant-Based Meat
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Case (Pub Mat)
In 2019, a small investor was reviewing her portfolio mix, which included quick-service restaurants. During her research, she learned of new-product launches by two companies: Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat. Both companies produced plant-based products that simulated meat, and both were distributing their products not only in grocery stores but also in quick-service restaurants. Both also used innovative marketing, such as insisting that their products be placed in the meat aisle and not in a separate aisle for plant-based food. The companies suggested their products were better for animals, human health, and the environment than animal-based meat, but faced pushback and regulation. Would plant-based meat be a good investment?
Learning Objective:
This case is intended for introductory marketing or sustainability courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels to address questions around both sustainability and new-product introductions. It would also suit any marketing, competition, or sustainability course to address messaging, the targeting of new sustainable products, consumer knowledge, and the role of regulation. After working through the case and assignment questions, students will be able to
  • understand the marketing strategies of new companies launching new products;
  • understand these companies’ targeting strategies and the need for all company decisions to support these strategies;
  • explore claims made for these new products; and
  • discuss the role of government in alleviating consumer confusion and ensuring fair competition.
    Accommodation & Food Services
    Canada; United States, Large, 2019
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