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The PikoGym Entrepreneurs: Muscling Up through Intellectual Property
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13 pages (8 pages of text)
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Case (Field)
Frustrated with the available means of working out while travelling, the three founders of PikoGym, a start-up out of Erlangen, Germany, had the idea to build a workout device that allowed users to train anywhere and everywhere. The lightweight and compact solution would be combined with a progressive web application to facilitate customers meeting up for workouts, provide motivation, and build community. PikoGym would be entering a growing but highly competitive and relatively fragmented market. Although competitors’ solutions were similar to PikoGym’s, they lacked the versatility and comfort offered by the latter. The three entrepreneurs wanted to ensure that their intellectual property (IP) management strategy aligned with their business goals and long-term plans for the company’s success.
Learning Objective:
The case presents problems faced by many start-up founders at the very beginning of the founding process, with a special emphasis on IP rights and their strategic use. By working through the case study and assignment questions, students will have the opportunity to do the following:
    Identify how different IP rights usage patterns and product specifications reflect strategic IP options.
  • Examine and discuss relevant IP strategies for new market entrants.
  • Practise electing and implementing relevant strategic options regarding IP in the face of limited resources during the process of setting up a start-up.
General Management/Strategy,  Entrepreneurship,  International
Arts, Entertainment, Sports and Recreation
Germany, Small, 2018
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