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DailyFish: Reinventing Customer Service Management
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Case (Field)
DailyFish was an emerging e-commerce enterprise that was started in 2016 by Baby Marine Ventures, one of the largest exporters of frozen seafood from India. Subramanian Sankaran, Head of Loyalties and customer service management (CSM) was facing challenges related to increased missed calls in the call center that eventually led to a loss of sales opportunities. The chief executive officer of the company instructed Sankaran to reduce the waiting time per call by one third, thereby minimizing the missed calls. Sankaran had to find out how to minimize the waiting time without compromising the call quality. He was looking forward to hiring a couple of executives to tackle the issue. He planned to find the best fit using fractional factorial experiment using Taguchi orthogonal arrays.
Learning Objective:
The case can be used to teach Taguchi loss function and DoE using Taguchi orthogonal arrays in undergraduate- and graduate-level courses. The case depicts an opportunity for students to be exposed to the robust design methods to improve the quality of a process. After working through the case and assignment questions, students will be able to do the following:
  • Understand process improvement as a strategic and organization-wide concept.
  • Identify the loss experienced by a firm using the Taguchi loss function.
  • Identify optimal combination yielding the least sound to noise ratio in a fractional factorial Taguchi orthogonal array using MS Excel.
  • Demonstrate the statistical robustness of design of experiments (DoE) when statistical tools like Z test and ANOVA fail to provide insights.
•Analyse and interpret the operating standards of of the process using the data obtained from DoE.
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India, Medium, 2019
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