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Carefirst: the INTEGRATE Care Model
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Case (Field)
In 2019, the chief executive officer of Carefirst Seniors & Community Services Association (Carefirst) was sitting in her modest office near Toronto, Ontario, Canada, looking back on 22 years of providing health care services to seniors and other clients in the Toronto area. Demand for its services had been growing steadily, as Canada’s aging population continued to increase in numbers. The 2016 census reported that seniors outnumbered children for the first time in the survey’s history. One in six Canadians was age 65 or older, and this age group was growing four times faster than the overall population. In addition, more than one in five Canadians lived with a chronic disease. With increasing financial difficulties for the Canadian government to meet the needs of its aging citizens, and with a diverse population reflecting Canada’s comparatively open immigration policy, Carefirst was experiencing a changing external environment that demanded a swift pre-emptive response. A recent change in the provincial government had also led to a restructuring of the Ontario health care system. What would be its next strategic move, to ensure that it was better positioned for imminent changes?
Learning Objective:
The case is ideal for use in both undergraduate- and graduate-level courses on Ontario’s health care system, health care management, community care, and information technologies. The case provides an in-depth understanding of the history and evolution of a community care agency and its INTEGRATE care model. After working through the case and assignment questions, students will be able to
  • acquire a comprehensive understanding of the changing health care landscape in Ontario;
  • develop thorough knowledge of the operations of a community care agency;
  • analyze the benefits of the INTEGRATE care model and the contributing factors to its success;
  • learn about the information systems that support the INTEGRATE care model and what challenges are inherent in the model; and
  • assess the challenges of integration faced by that Ontario’s health care system.
Information Systems
Health Care Services
Canada, Medium, 2019
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