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M.M.Lafleur: Market Segmentation and Targeting
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Case (Pub Mat)
M.M.LaFleur, a clothing company founded in New York in 2013, specialized in office wear for professional women. Specifically, M.M.LaFleur targeted a difficult-to-serve group—working women who did not like shopping. Despite the challenging customer base, the company grew steadily since its inception. Customers could shop online through the company's website or attend showrooms, pop-up stores, or trunk shows, where sales associates provided attentive personal service. However, the most successful venue for the company's sales was a feature called the M.M.LaFleur "bento box," which was responsible for 80 per cent of the company's revenue. By June 2019, M.M.LaFleur had grown from a small start-up company into a thriving business with a loyal customer base. The founder was pleased with her company's results, but wondered what her next steps should be. What could M.M.LaFleur do to continue its strong growth and momentum?
Learning Objective:
This case is suitable for both undergraduate- and graduate- level courses in marketing. The case demonstrates the key marketing concepts of segmentation and targeting, including how these concepts differ and support each other. Specifically, the case highlights how the use of multiple segmentation bases (i.e., demographic, psychographic, and behavioural factors) can be effective in identifying a target market. The case illustrates how firms can effectively target their desired customer in multiple ways. In addition to offering an opportunity to discuss and understand segmentation and targeting, this case also provides a basis for discussing the four P’s (product, price, place, and promotion) of the marketing mix. After working through the case and assignment questions, students will be able to
  • describe the company's product, and how decisions related to product, price, place, and promotion support its product strategy;
  • assess the role that segmentation and targeting strategies play in creating customer value; and
  • provide recommendations for the company's growth strategy.
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United States, Small, 2019
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