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Eastern Lotus Bank, Xiamen: Service Operations Management (Simplified Chinese Version)
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Case (Field)
In 2019, the general manager of the Xiamen branch of Eastern Lotus Bank was facing difficulties overcoming customer-introduced variability, which significantly influenced the efficiency of the bank’s front-office service. She needed to analyze and summarize the different types of customer-introduced variability. Then she had to identify potential strategies that would enable the bank to accommodate this customer-introduced variability while maintaining a high-quality customer service experience. She also needed to decide how to allocate and arrange the limited human resources at the bank efficiently and effectively. To make these decisions, she had to systematically evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the front office under both pooled- and separated-resource allocation scenarios. For instance, how long did customers have to wait for services in each different resource allocation scenario? Moreover, how well were the limited human resources (staff) utilized under each scenario?
Learning Objective:
This case is suitable for graduate, postgraduate, or executive education courses on operations management or service operations, particularly in a section dealing with front-office management, customer service, resource allocation, or queuing management. After completion of this case, students will have developed their ability:
  • describe the five basic customer-introduced variabilities and the four basic strategies for managing customer-introduced variability;
  • explain how to balance efficiency and effectiveness in operations management of front-office service services;
  • outline methods for measuring both the profitability of front-office service operations and the experience of customers; and,
  • compare the different attributes of separated-resources and pooled-resources layouts, and recommend the most appropriate queuing system for the front-office customer service.
    Operations Management,  International
    Finance and Insurance
    China, Medium, 2019
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