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uMunch: Mobile Food-Delivery App Feasibility Analysis (Simplified Chinese Version)
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Case (Field)
Two recent university graduates were completing a business plan in hopes of securing a government grant to assist them in coming up with the necessary funding to launch a new venture. The pair had developed an idea to launch a new food delivery mobile application. In order to complete the grant application, three years of projected cash budgets, statements of earnings, and statements of financial position would be required. It was spring, and the pair hoped to have the mobile application ready for launch in early autumn.
Learning Objective:
uMunch can be taught in class or it can be used as a testing point (a take-home, individual, or group report) for an introductory course in business management at the undergraduate level. The case includes an analysis of various business concepts. After completing the case students will have a basic understanding of business strategy, accounting and finance. Students will be able to
  • analyze the company’s core capabilities and business strategy;
  • analyze the wants and needs of the company’s consumer groups;
  • project three years of cash budgets, statements of earnings, and statements of financial position; and
  • determine the margin of safety and return on investment for their new business opportunity.
    Accounting,  Entrepreneurship
    Accommodation & Food Services
    Canada, Small, 2018
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