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Lakeside Automotive Ltd.: Digital Employee Recognition Amid Organizational Change
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Case (Field)
In 2018, a dealership facilitator needed to decide whether to continue implementing the Thumbs Up application (app) at Lakeside Automotive Ltd., a family-owned car dealership in the Greater Toronto Area. The Thumbs Up app was a digital tool that enabled employees to recognize each other's good work by sending digitalized badges. The dealership facilitator had introduced this app in an effort to future-proof the organization by leveraging information technology such as digital communications. The move toward more digital communication was also a strategic activity in light of the company’s upcoming relocation and expansion. While some employees acknowledged the value and convenience of this digital tool, others believed it was “a waste of time. How should the dealership facilitator decide on the future of the Thumbs Up app? If she decided to retain the app, how could she improve its effectiveness?
Learning Objective:
This case is intended for use in an undergraduate or graduate-level course on human resource management, organizational behaviour, or information systems and technology management. The case can be used to achieve the following learning objectives:
  • To illustrate various forms of employee recognition (e.g., cash recognition versus social recognition, digital recognition versus face-to-face recognition) and their differing impacts on employees’ motivation and performance.
  • To introduce self-determination theory and the theory of planned behaviour, which can help students understand employees’ responses to changes in the workplace.
  • To illustrate that the implementation of a new human resources initiative needs to take into consideration the company's strategic goals, business environment, and differences across business units.
    Organizational Behaviour/Leadership
    Retail Trade
    Canada, Medium, 2018
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