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Cambridge Cooling Systems: Empowering International Operations (Simplified Chinese Version)
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7 pages (6 pages of text)
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Case (Gen Exp)
The chief operating officer at Cambridge Cooling Systems (CCS), based in Cambridge, Ontario, was helping his senior team prepare for two conference calls, with Italy and India, where CCS had foreign subsidiaries. At first glance, the chief issue with Italy seemed to be a lack of response from the managing director for Europe to detailed questions posed by project management for CCS. The issue with India seemed to be an inability to issue and stick to sales goals, and the Cambridge project manager wanted to speak about this with the managing director for Asia as soon as possible. However, further analysis revealed issues with how the headquarters in Cambridge had been managing its subsidiaries. Communications had broken down, and a conference call or two would not resolve the problem.
Learning Objective:
This case has been designed for use at both the undergraduate and graduate level, and can be used in communications, strategic decision-making, or human resources management courses. Following discussion of the case, students will have developed their ability to
  • understand the differences between selected countries, cultures, and their approach to communications;
  • assess a communications issue and identify the root causes of the communication breakdown;
  • outline a potential strategy to correct the issue; and
  • discuss the limitations of communicating with colleagues in different countries.
    General Management/Strategy,  International
    India; Italy, Large, 2017
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