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Indraprastha Gas Limited: Overcoming the Odd-Even Challenge
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Case (Field)
In late 2015, the government of Delhi, India, took a radical step to curb traffic congestion and pollution, by restricting the use of private automobile vehicles in Delhi’s National Capital Region. Drivers of vehicles whose licence plate numbers ended in odd numbers would be able to drive only on odd-numbered days, and drivers of vehicles whose licence plate numbers ended in even numbers would be able to drive only on even-numbered days. All restrictions would be lifted on Sundays. The management of Indraprastha Gas Limited, Delhi’s sole supplier of compressed natural gas, a safe, economical, and clean-burning fuel, needed to communicate the benefits of clean fuels, in an attempt to gain an exemption for vehicles using its compressed natural gas. The company also needed to address the concerns of both its internal stakeholders—shareholders and employees—and its external stakeholders—customers, suppliers, and policy-makers.
Learning Objective:
This case is suitable for marketing management courses for a class in analyzing the macro environment; strategic management courses for discussions on product and market expansion strategies; and communication strategies courses for a session on communicating to stakeholders.After completion of the case, students will be able to
  • assess the gravity of a given problem arising from a policy formulated by relevant stakeholders;
  • understand how to pitch and position products to relevant stakeholders under specific circumstances;
  • find a solution for a given problem and convert the problem to a business opportunity; and
  • consider the various business options available when confronted by a business dilemma.
Marketing,  International
India, Large, 2015
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