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All or Nothing Brewhouse: Managing Beer Brands
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14 pages (5 pages of text)
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Case (Field)
Two entrepreneur brothers purchased Trafalgar Ales, Meads and Distillery, a brewery with 19 active individual beer brands, each generating a small amount of sales. The brothers' purchase came at a time when they were transitioning from a contract brewer—a brand that outsources the actual production to another firm—to a production brewer. The challenge for the entrepreneurs was to determine how to manage their stable of brands for the future. Trafalgar Ales, Meads and Distillery seemed to be pursuing a strategy of releasing small batches of unique beers, and managing its portfolio as if it were a constellation of brands. However, the two brothers were wondering if it made more sense to focus on a handful of brands and create a distinctive identity for each brand.
Learning Objective:
This case has been designed for use at the undergraduate or graduate level in a course on marketing strategy, branding, or competitive strategy. More specifically, it can be used to explore the topics of brand management, brand strategy, and the balance of constraints between sales and brand development. After completion of this case, students will be able to
  • understand how companies approach the challenge of maintaining and enhancing brand equity;
  • recognize the challenges owners face in managing their portfolio of brands; and
  • understand the link between brands and firm performance.
Marketing,  Entrepreneurship
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Canada, Small, 2016
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