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Negotiating for Success in Asia: Adapting to a Multipolar World
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Case (Field)
An executive at a North American-based multinational company contacted an old friend and former business associate in Indonesia in hopes of collaborating with him to purchase Asian software companies. After several emails, the two disagreed and disengaged. The North American declined the Indonesian’s advice to invest time in developing the relationships required to access this market. Three months later, after realizing he had closed the door on a huge and growing market, the North American again contacted his Indonesian associate. He realized that his North American style of negotiation was ineffective in this market and that the Asians had their own preferred approach. He planned a phone call to Indonesia to try to restart the process. What style of communication should he use this time in an effort to generate a better understanding and success?
Learning Objective:
This case is intended for use in an undergraduate- or graduate-level course on international business, business in Asia (particularly in Indonesia), and Asian and international human resources management and entrepreneurship. It is also suitable for a major written assignment in the second half of a unit, as a take-home exercise, or as a role play. Students engaging with this case will be required to
  • identify, analyze, and understand how culture and context influence the transaction of business in Asia;
  • identify and understand how culture influences communication in this region;
  • propose methods for bridging the gap in trust and understanding between different business cultures; and
  • identify and understand the new modernities and methods of negotiation and business developing in Asia.
General Management/Strategy,  Entrepreneurship,  International
Information, Media & Telecommunications
Indonesia, Small, 2018
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