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Updated Case Teaching and Writing Resources

Now available as digital downloads, Ivey Publishing is pleased to add updated editions of the Learning with Cases, Teaching with Cases, and Writing with Cases book collections.

Ivey faculty member, David Wood, co-authored the latest revisions of the best-selling book series and explains:

"For more than two decades Ivey faculty have provided a complete and up to date coverage of the case method with the three-book set helping students learn better and faster, case writers produce superior cases, and teachers teach more effectively. The fifth editions of Learning with Cases and Writing Cases contain the latest improvements to this world-renowned coverage of the case method. The latest edition includes updates on the impact technology is having on learning with cases and the ever-expanding options to publish cases in various media."

David also published a shorter case guide called “How to Learn with Cases” which stems from the key ideas covered in the books to help students learn better and faster. The guide also adds a new tool, “Case Analysis Record” or CAR, which is available as a free download from Ivey Publishing.

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