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The best-selling cases of February 2019

Reviewing best-selling cases is a great place to start when adding cases to your curriculum. If you are not sure whether best-selling means best for your course, please contact us to request a shortlist of cases, articles and other material that is tailored to your needs.  

  1. 9B12M022 - Mining and Corporate Social Responsibility: Newmont Mining Corporation
    Sheila Puffer, David T.A. Wesley
    Disciplines: General Management/Strategy, International
    Issues: Ethical Issues, Globalization, Developing Countries, Mining, South America 
  1. 9B08M050 - Mount Rundle Hotel Banff
    Jim Kayalar
    Disciplines: General Management/Strategy
    Issues: Hotel Management, Tourism, Operations Management, Service Recovery, Service Industry 
  1. 9B17A069 - Santé Au Naturel: Healthy to the Core
    Robert Mackalski, Marc Ducusin
    Disciplines: Marketing, Entrepreneurship
    Issues: segmentation, differentiation, natural products, health foods 
  1. 9B12M025 - Collision Course: Selling European High Performance Motorcycles in Japan
    Jeff Hicks, Derek Lehmberg
    Disciplines: General Management/Strategy, International
    Issues: Cross-cultural Communications, Consulting, Expatriate Management 
  1. 9B11C034 - A Zero Wage Increase Again?
    Karen MacMillan
    Disciplines: Organizational Behaviour/Leadership, General Management/Strategy
    Issues: Motivation, Compensation, Organizational Justice, Bounded Rationality 
  1. 9B10D005 - Operations Strategy at Galanz
    Ng Chi Hung, Barbara Li, Xiande Zhao, Xuejun Xu, Yang Lei
    Disciplines: Entrepreneurship, General Management/Strategy, International, Operations Management
    Issues: China, Competitive Strategy, Operations Strategy 
  1. 9B18B004 - Axonify: Budgeting for Rapid Growth
    Howard M. Armitage, Dave Pooley, Alan Webb
    Disciplines: Accounting, Entrepreneurship
    Issues: budget, high growth, tech 
  1. 9B18M080 - Mekong Capital and Mobile World (C): Venturing into New Countries and Segments
    Andrew Karl Delios, Markus Taussig
    Disciplines: General Management/Strategy, Entrepreneurship, International
    Issues: internationalization, product expansion 
  1. 9B14N024 - Time Value of Money: The Buy Versus Rent Decision
    Sean Cleary, Stephen R. Foerster
    Disciplines: Finance
    Issues: Time value, buy versus rent, present value 
  1. 9B14E008 - HuStream Technologies Interactive Video
    Barbara L. Marcolin, Kathryn Brohman, Ning Su, Norine Webster, Laura Marcolin
    Disciplines: Information Systems, Entrepreneurship, International
    Issues: Interactivity, open services, business models, technology strategy 
  1. 9B17N007 - Neptune Orient Lines: Valuation and Capital Structure
    Ruth S.K. Tan, Zsuzsa R. Huszar, Weina Zhang
    Disciplines: Finance, International
    Issues: credit risk, dividend discount model, relative valuation, discounted cash flow 
  1. 9B16C006 - Amazon as an Employer
    Jyotsna Bhatnagar, Shweta Jaiswal Thakur
    Disciplines: Organizational Behaviour/Leadership, Entrepreneurship
    Issues: innovation, employer branding, care and compassion, people management practices 
  1. 9B12B030 - Rawhide Brewery
    Michele Stewart
    Disciplines: Accounting
    Issues: Joint Ventures, Consolidation, Variable Interest Entity, Accounting Methods, Canada 
  1. 9B13M111 - Walmart's African Expansion
    Karen Robson, Stefanie Beninger, Sudheer Gupta
    Disciplines: General Management/Strategy, International
    Issues: Globalization, cross-cultural management, emerging markets, South Africa 
  1. 9B09D011 - Paediatric Orthopaedic Clinic at the Children's Hospital of Western Ontario (Abridged)
    Robert Klassen, Kellie Leitch, Manpreet Hora
    Disciplines: Operations Management
    Issues: Health Administration, Process Design/Change, Process Analysis, Service Operations 
  1. 9B02D024 - Quinte MRI
    Carol Prahinski, John S. Haywood-Farmer, David Wright, Kevin Saskiw
    Disciplines: Entrepreneurship, Operations Management
    Issues: Bottlenecks, Scheduling, Process Analysis, Capacity Analysis 
  1. 9B12C037 - Green Hills Hospital: Leading Change Management
    Jim Kayalar
    Disciplines: Organizational Behaviour/Leadership, International
    Issues: Change Management, organizational change, lean health care, restructuring, Asia 
  1. 9B16M102- Forked River Brewing Co.: Craft Beer Entrepreneurship in an Evolving Industry
    Max Stallkamp, Lawrence A. Plummer, Andreas Schotter
    Disciplines: General Management/Strategy, Entrepreneurship
    Issues: start-up, niche, new venture, industry analysis, industry life cycle 
  1. 9B01D001- The Aldi Brand: Private Label Success in Australia
    John S. Haywood-Farmer, Ken Marky
    Disciplines: Operations Management, International
    Issues: China, Project Management, Quality Management, Supplier Selection, Supplier Relations 
  1. 9B14B005 - Mystery Corporations Challenge
    Vaughan S. Radcliffe, Eeshan Paranjape, Evan Huang
    Disciplines: Accounting
    Issues: Financial, statement, analysis, balance sheets