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Level the playing field with Ivey Business School’s Preparatory Knowledge Program

Ivey Publishing now offers the Pre-Ivey Preparatory Knowledge Program (PKP), an online, two-week program that covers business essentials using three primers (economics, finance and accounting, and quantitative analysis). Ivey designed PKP to help incoming Ivey students from a diverse set of academic and work backgrounds reach a shared standard of knowledge, meaning that class time can be spent on application and more advanced topics.

PKP is intended for students who do not have a background in business, economics or statistics. Even students with prior academic experience in the topic areas have found the refresher to be useful. Instructors can enroll their students in just one or all three of the primers, where interactive lessons and quizzes help reinforce a foundation for success in programs of various levels. Contact us for more information and a free trial for instructors.

Choose from three different modules:

Economics Primer

Economics PKP

The Economics Primer covers essential knowledge of microeconomic concepts and relationships. The module trains students to understand real-world situations and business problems through the lens of economic rationality. Key topics include supply and demand fundamentals, taxation and trade, scarcity, choice, and opportunity cost, and more.

Finance and Accounting Primer

PKP_Finance And Accounting

The Finance and Accounting Primer covers essential knowledge of the foundational technical accounting and finance skills upon which the MBA program's more advanced decision-making skills rely. The objective of the module is to train students to see and understand how financial business transactions are recorded and used to inform and support decision-making. Key topics include the accounting cycle, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (IFRS), organizational structure and taxation, analyzing annual reports, and more.

Quantitative Analysis Primer

PKP_Quantitative Analysis

Ivey's Quant Primer serves a dual purpose. First, it provides a solid base of probability and statistical modeling concepts along with a high-level approach to structured quantitative problem solving. Second, it develops advanced knowledge in the use of Microsoft Excel. Key topics include exploratory data analysis and summary statistics, statistical dependence and relationships among variables, simple and multiple regression, decision analysis, and more.

Contact us for more information and a free trial for instructors.