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Ivey Publishing partners with Top Hat to deliver interactive case studies

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Top Hat and Ivey Publishing have teamed up to enhance Ivey Publishing's business case studies with Top Hat’s interactive content tools. More than 750 leading North American colleges and universities use Top Hat, a cloud-based teaching platform for higher education. Together, we have taken some of our most popular business cases—from Starbucks to LEGO Group: Building Strategy, Valuing Wal-Mart 2010 to PepsiCo’s Turning Point—and evolved them for the modern learner.

Today’s students are among the first generations of the Internet age. They have grown up with information at their fingertips and regard interactive multimedia as the norm. We are pushing the boundaries of traditional business case studies by incorporating multimedia elements that resonate with students, such as video, audio content and interactive questions.

Educators can also further customize and update cases to suit their own in-class needs, such as by integrating discussions and polls directly into the material or tracking student readership and question performance in the Top Hat app. Staying current is now even easier with the ability to update facts and figures in real-time, add simulations or feature interviews with protagonists or prominent business leaders.  

To learn more about the Top Hat and Ivey Publishing collaboration, join Top Hat for a 20-minute workshop where we will walk you through these case studies. Book your time today or visit tophat.com/get-started-ivey-business-case-studies for more information.