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Better Prepare Students with Case Learning Guide

Enhance case learning and instill confidence in your students with a guide developed to improve problem solving, report-writing and presentation skills.

The Student Guide to the Case Method is a seven-part series that introduces students to the case method and, in discrete notes, walks them through the tasks that are typically involved in case assignments. The guide was designed to help students understand the purpose of the case method and recognize how the same process and skills can be used in multiple courses or disciplines. Its popularity with students and instructors continues to grow since published with Ivey Publishing in 2018. We spoke with authors Susan Van Weelden and Laurie Busuttil and here are their insights.  

Instructor Benefits to Assigning the Guide

Van Weelden and Busuttil explain that the guide equips instructors with a toolkit that provides students with an effective process to tackle case studies, especially for those who are new the method:

     "Students who use the guide require less one-on-one guidance from instructors to acquire desired skills and achieve course learning outcomes. It improves classroom discussions because students better understand what is being required of them in the case method."

Student Benefits to Using the Guide

Working with cases is a pedagogical approach unfamiliar to most new business students and often inadequately understood by advanced students. The guide helps alleviate anxiety and inspire confidence in students who are new to the method.

     "Knowing where to start can help reduce anxiety that students feel, especially when they are not used to an experiential approach to learning. The guide walks them through how to zero in on key problems and opportunities, to perform relevant analysis, and to make persuasive recommendations, whether working on their own or in teams. Careful use of the guide can reduce uncertainty and frustration, and give students a better sense of how to succeed in courses that utilize the case method. - Susan Van Weelden and Laurie Busuttil

The guide is best used as a complete package to orient students to the case method, but each note also stands on its own and can be used to supplement other course materials. Below are links to the guide broken down in seven distinct notes.

The Student Guide to the Case Method (Complete Guide)

Student Guide to the Case Method: Note 1—Understanding the Case Method
Student Guide to the Case Method: Note 2— Performing a Case Analysis
Student Guide to the Case Method: Note 3—Preparing to Discuss a Case
Student Guide to the Case Method: Note 4—Preparing a Written Case Report
Student Guide to the Case Method: Note 5—Making an Oral Case Presentation
Student Guide to the Case Method: Note 6—Preparing for and Writing a Case Exam
Student Guide to the Case Method: Note 7—Using Common Tools for Case Analysis

Professor Susan Van Weelden is Dean of Social Sciences at Redeemer University. She is also a business faculty member having taught at Redeemer for over 30 years. 

Professor Laurie Busuttil is a faculty member and chair of the Business Program at Redeemer University.

Van Weelden and Busuttil have also published these cases together - Banff Aspen Lodge: Staffing for Success and Banff Aspen Lodge: Evolving the Business Strategy.