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Staffing Organizations

Heneman, H.G, Judge, T.A., Smith, V., Summers, R.,1/e (Canada, McGraw-Hill Ryerson, 2007)
Prepared By Michael Roberts, Ph.D. Student (Organizational Behaviour)
Chapter and Title Chapter Matches: Case Information
Chapter 1:
Staffing Models and Strategy

Alexander Mikalachki

Product Number: 9A97C005
Publication Date: 6/3/1997
Revision Date: 2/3/2010
Length: 10 pages

The owners of the company were concerned with the rapid rate of growth facing their company. The company had revenues of $6.3 million and employed 30 highly skilled workers. These numbers were expected to double or triple in the next couple of years. To determine how well the company was structured to achieve its future goals, they hired a consultant he had worked with successfully in the past. The consultant's major role was to make recommendations as to the appropriate organizational design (culture, people, layers of management and administrative systems) in the event that the company grew from 30 to 60 or even 120 employees. Among other issues, questions regarding compensation were surfacing, and the owners wanted to address these questions as soon as possible.

Teaching Note: 8A97C05 (4 pages)
Industry: Manufacturing
Issues: High Technology Products; Communications; Compensation; Bonuses
Difficulty: 4 - Undergraduate/MBA

Chapter 2:
Legal Compliance

Alison Konrad, Ken Mark

Product Number: 9B04C006
Publication Date: 1/26/2004
Revision Date: 10/6/2009
Length: 9 pages

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. is a large Fortune 500 retail chain. The distinction of being the top-ranked company comes with intense scrutiny from the public and, especially, critics. Wal-Mart, a company lauded for its rapid response capability and stated commitments to gender equality is shown to be deficient in some glaring areas - the percentage of women compared to men at all levels of the company, and the compensation paid to women versus men at all levels of the company, to cite two examples. An executive vice-president must examine why these inequalities exist when the company seems to be doing everything else right. The company is the target of several gender discrimination lawsuits and the executive vice-president has the opportunity to obtain information that would be useful in the current situation, and must determine what information is needed. In the supplement, Staffing Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (B), product 9B04C007, the executive vice-president receives information and must determine how to address the situation.

Teaching Note: 8B04C06 (7 pages)
Industry: Retail Trade
Issues: Management Decisions; Pay Equity
Difficulty: 4 - Undergraduate/MBA

James A. Erskine, Michael Sartor

Product Number: 9B04C008
Publication Date: 4/5/2004
Revision Date: 10/6/2009
Length: 20 pages

In less than six months, a telecommunications company has faced two incidents of alleged violations of the Canadian Human Rights Act. The general manager spent considerable time interviewing employees about the first incident. He then reported his findings, and the Canadian Human Rights Commission confirmed that no discrimination had occurred. Just a few months later, an employee approached her supervisor, alleging sexual harassment by a colleague. The company's general manager must not only deal with the second incident, he wonders whether he needs to draft a human resources policy to outline employee rights and responsibilities under the Canadian Human Rights Act.

Teaching Note: 8B04C08 (9 pages)
Industry: Information, Media & Telecommunications
Issues: Human Resources Management; Discrimination; Human Rights; Sexual Harassment
Difficulty: 4 - Undergraduate/MBA

Alison Konrad, Ken Mark

Product Number: 9B05C032
Publication Date: 11/28/2005
Revision Date: 9/28/2009
Length: 3 pages

A group of four friends, all married men and in their late 20s, meet for coffee in a major city. One of the men has received a job application from a young woman he considers to be a stellar candidate for his job opening. The discussion turns into a debate about the feasibility of hiring young women for professional and managerial positions, given that they become pregnant and go on maternity leave.

Teaching Note: 8B05C32 (9 pages)
Issues: Discrimination; Human Resources Management; Women in Management
Difficulty: 4 - Undergraduate/MBA

Chapter 3:
Chapter 4:
Job Analysis and Rewards

Paul W. Beamish, Donna Everatt

Product Number: 9B00M003
Publication Date: 3/29/2000
Revision Date: 1/8/2010
Length: 13 pages

AWARD WINNING CASE - This case was one of the winning cases in the 2001 Regional Asia-Pacific Case Writing Competition. The newly hired director of human resources for a large golf and country club near Beijing, China has just presented her human resources plan to the company founder. At issue is whether this plan - in terms of recruiting, training and development, rewards and benefits - was directionally correct and implementable.

Teaching Note: 8B00M03 (8 pages)
Industry: Arts, Entertainment, Sports and Recreation
Issues: China; Performance Evaluation; Human Resources Management; Management Training; Work-Force Management
Difficulty: 4 - Undergraduate/MBA

Brian Golden, Tom Gleave

Product Number: 9A98C004
Publication Date: 10/8/1998
Revision Date: 1/25/2010
Length: 13 pages

The president and general manager are reviewing a pay for performance system. The president needs to determine whether or not these systems were properly designed to ensure that they are producing higher quality product at progressively lower costs. If not, he needs to consider how he might suggest that these and other systems be changed in order to achieve cost and quality objectives.

Teaching Note: 8A98C04 (8 pages)
Industry: Manufacturing
Issues: China; Pay for Performance; Joint Ventures; Organizational Design; Change Management
Difficulty: 4 - Undergraduate/MBA

Chapter 5:
External Recruitment

Diana E. Krause, Reiner Piske

Product Number: 9B07C041
Publication Date: 1/4/2008
Length: 17 pages

The owner of a company with production plants in various regions in the world wants to standardize the methods of personnel selection for the Asian-Pacific region (APAC). A new system of personnel selection has to be developed for middle management positions in APAC. The owner delegates this task to a cross-functional, multinational project team that operates in Hong Kong headed by a human resources (HR) executive and expatriate from Germany. In terms of the new personnel selection system, he has two opposing goals in mind: the new personnel selection system should be highly specific for a particular country and simultaneously valid for different countries. A series of issues must be resolved in order for the project to be successful. Some of these issues are related to the personnel selection system; the job requirements to be assessed, the modules it must include, the stages and methods of each module, and the implementation of the system across countries in APAC. Other issues are interpersonal, such as the cultural differences and the heterogeneous perspectives that exist among the team members, and a conflict between the HR executive and the owner.

Teaching Note: 8B07C41 (9 pages)
Issues: Cross Cultural Management; Aptitude Diagnostics; International Personnel Selection; Teamwork
Difficulty: 4 - Undergraduate/MBA

Jean-Louis Schaan, Nigel Goodwin

Product Number: 9B05C035
Publication Date: 11/28/2005
Revision Date: 9/28/2009
Length: 13 pages

The human resources manager for logistics and supply chain management at BAX China must consider her company's high rate of staff turnover. In her monthly report to the managing director, the turnover had reached 12 per cent in the first eight months of the year. The human resources manager must evaluate the company's current methods of dealing with turnover and consider what additional action should be taken. Logistics was a complex and rapidly growing industry, particularly in mainland China. Many multinational and domestic service providers were entering the marketing and expanding their operations; however, these companies had to respond to complex operational challenges and escalating customer demands. The resulting demand for skilled workers led to high turnover rates across the industry and at all organizational levels, and created margin pressure and other management challenges. The case offers a uniquely Chinese perspective on workforce recruitment, management and retention. The industry and the broader economy were growing rapidly. Skilled workers were in short supply because logistics was a new and developing discipline in the former command economy. Also, in the human resources manager's opinion, cultural attitudes resulted in low loyalty among the workers.

Teaching Note: 8B05C35 (9 pages)
Industry: Transportation and Warehousing
Issues: China; Employee Retention; Recruiting; Compensation; Nanyang
Difficulty: 4 - Undergraduate/MBA

Chapter 6:
Internal Recruitment

Bernie Portis, Pamela Tebbutt

Product Number: 9A92C007
Publication Date: 8/5/1992
Revision Date: 3/8/2010
Length: 10 pages

A two-year bank employee is at a decision point in her career. She must assess whether or not the actions and recommendations of the Task Force on the Advancement of Women in the bank will be successful in managing change. Specifically, she is concerned with the glass ceiling - the barriers to the advancement of women - and the process used by the bank to eliminate the barriers. (A sequel to this case, The Bank of Montreal - The Task Force on the Advancement of Women in the Bank (B) is available.

Teaching Note: 8A92C07 (9 pages)
Industry: Finance and Insurance
Issues: Management of Change; Employment Equity; Career Planning; Women in Management
Difficulty: 4 - Undergraduate/MBA

Bernie Portis, Pamela Tebbutt

Product Number: 9A92C008
Publication Date: 8/5/1992
Revision Date: 3/8/2010
Length: 7 pages

A project team manager faces the issues of managing employee's expectations and minimizing the resistance to change while implementing an automated Job Vacancy Notification System (JVNS) at the bank. The JVNS was proposed by the Task Force on the Advancement of Women to promote equal access to job information to all employees. This is a continuation of The Bank of Montreal - The Task Force on the Advancement of Women in the Bank (A).

Teaching Note: 8A92C08 (7 pages)
Industry: Finance and Insurance
Issues: Information Systems; Staffing; Women in Management; Management of Change
Difficulty: 4 - Undergraduate/MBA

Chapter 7:
External Selection: Screening

Fernando Olivera, Ann C. Frost, Ken Mark

Product Number: 9B01C020
Publication Date: 10/18/2001
Revision Date: 12/16/2009
Length: 9 pages

Blinds To Go is a manufacturer and retailer of customized window coverings. The company has been steadily expanding the number of stores across North America. The vice chairman is concerned with the lack of staff in some of these newly expanded stores. With plans of an initial public offering within the next two years, senior management must determine what changes need to be made to the recruitment strategy and how to develop staff that will help them achieve the company's growth objectives.

Teaching Note: 8B01C20 (6 pages)
Industry: Manufacturing
Issues: Human Resources Management; Corporate Culture; Action Planning and Implementation; Employee Retention
Difficulty: 4 - Undergraduate/MBA

Chapter 8:
External Selection: Testing

Mitch Rothstein, Zahera Sheikh

Product Number: 9B04C035
Publication Date: 7/3/2007
Revision Date: 10/9/2009
Length: 4 pages

Michael Aniballi is facing a major career transition as he completes his executive MBA degree. He attempts to evaluate three very different job offers by engaging in a thorough self-assessment.

Teaching Note: 8B04C35 (3 pages)
Issues: Self-assessment; Career Transition
Difficulty: 4 - Undergraduate/MBA

Chapter 9:
Internal Selection

Paul W. Beamish, Aloysius Newenham-Kahindi

Product Number: 9B07C040
Publication Date: 10/30/2007
Length: 18 pages

The case examines how the best practices of two banks were organized and managed to provide financial services to a small niche of foreign customers in the mining, tourism and construction sectors in Tanzania. The two banks claimed to be similar in many ways. They both were from countries whose economies were run broadly on neo-liberal lines, in that there was little state intervention in either economy, however, differences existed with respect to how they managed their operations. The case is ideally suited to illustrate the on-going tension and different types of best practices in cross-market integration. It provides opportunities to explore the challenges faced by multinational company banks in managing global workforces, the evolution of the banking sector, and the influence of technology in shaping work in organizations.

Teaching Note: 8B07C40 (16 pages)
Industry: Finance and Insurance
Issues: International Management; Expatriate Management; Trade Unions; Management Training; Emerging Markets; Performance Evaluation; Recruiting; Subsidiaries; Career Development; Employee Selection
Difficulty: 4 - Undergraduate/MBA

Donald W. Barclay, Karen Boehnke

Product Number: 9A98A027
Publication Date: 10/30/1998
Revision Date: 1/22/2010
Length: 14 pages

Lexmark Canada is the Canadian arm of Lexmark Inc., the global manufacturer of computer printers and related products. Lexmark Canada had reorganized its salesforce into teams of salespeople to manage regions of Canada. This was a fairly dramatic shift from an individual-based structure and compensation system. There was mixed reaction to the change with the Quebec team recently losing two of its three team members. The case addresses salesforce organization and deployment issues, and the factors that need to be considered in making these decisions. It also demonstrates the linkages between sales management decisions, since in this situation reward and recognition, recruitment and selection, and training all needed to be revisited. Finally, it highlights the current shift to team selling in many industries.

Teaching Note: 8A98A27 (7 pages)
Industry: Manufacturing
Issues: Industrial Marketing; Relationship Management; Sales Organization; Sales Management
Difficulty: 4 - Undergraduate/MBA

Chapter 10:
Decision Making

Lyn Purdy, Paula Puddy

Product Number: 9B01C025
Publication Date: 4/1/2002
Revision Date: 8/1/2019
Length: 13 pages

The director of development at a large law firm and two other members of a selection committee will be interviewing three candidates for an articling position at the firm. The director must decide what questions to ask of the three law students applying, keeping in mind what questions she could not ask of the candidates. Through role play, students are given the opportunity to develop interview questions and interview the candidates.

Teaching Note: 8B01C25 (4 pages)
Industry: Administrative, Support, Waste Management and Remediation Services
Issues: Interviewing Skills; Employee Selection
Difficulty: 4 - Undergraduate/MBA

Thomas Begley, Cynthia Lee, Kenneth Law

Product Number: 9B03C002
Publication Date: 4/2/2003
Revision Date: 10/15/2009
Length: 17 pages

The Erie Performance Polymers division manager in China and general manager of Wuhan Erie Polymers joint venture, has just received approval for his requested transfer to divisional headquarters in the United States. In preparing the division and joint venture for the change, a key decision concerns his successor. He has received information on six candidates under consideration and knows that his recommendation will carry heavy weight in the final decision. The general manager has attempted to inculcate in his mainly Chinese workforce an appreciation for Western business practices and ability to enact them. At the same time, acknowledging their substantial differences, he has tried to mix elements of both Chinese and Western values in creating a culture for the joint venture. He believes strongly that his successor must be responsive to the tensions between the relevant cultures. As he compares them, he wonders which candidate has the best set of qualities to succeed him as general manager.

Teaching Note: 8B03C02 (13 pages)
Industry: Manufacturing
Issues: China; Cross Cultural Management; International Business; Human Resources Management; Employee Selection; Northeastern
Difficulty: 4 - Undergraduate/MBA

Joerg Dietz, Ken Mark

Product Number: 9B01C010
Publication Date: 11/29/2002
Revision Date: 12/15/2009
Length: 9 pages

As a startup in the online sales incentives industry, SalesDriver had a unique product to offer: online sales contests. From its early stages, SalesDriver had a great product, e-tailer relationships and initial customers who were pleased with the service. What SalesDriver needed was personnel. SalesDriver's two co-founders were facing several challenges. They were both young and making their first independent leap into the dot-com industry. With limited funding and no hiring experience, they needed to put together a staff for their company and wanted to do so within a two-week time frame. Their first need was to hire a vice-president of sales, but their candidate of preference had 15 other job offers on his plate, so time was of the essence. How much should they offer? What incentives should they include? What kind of fit would they have as a working team and would they even have enough time to assess that fit? The two friends and business partners were faced with the difficult challenge of working out a winning offer that would persuade the right person to accept a position in their very young company.

Teaching Note: 8B01C10 (5 pages)
Industry: Administrative, Support, Waste Management and Remediation Services
Issues: E-Commerce; Employee Selection
Difficulty: 4 - Undergraduate/MBA

Chapter 11:
Retention Management

James A. Erskine, Mark Malerba

Product Number: 9B03D001
Publication Date: 4/2/2003
Revision Date: 10/19/2009
Length: 9 pages

Metropolitan Maintenance is a small, locally owned janitorial service. For some time the company has been pursuing a large commercial contract, and the president has just been notified that they have been awarded the contract. Shortly after finding out the company has received the contract, he discovers that a number of employees at the site are unhappy and threatening to walk out. He must act quickly to resolve the conflict among the employees as the contract start date was only a week away.

Teaching Note: 8B03D01 (4 pages)
Industry: Other Services
Issues: Labour Unions; Contracting; Employee Relations; Strikes
Difficulty: 4 - Undergraduate/MBA

David Loree, Ken Mark

Product Number: 9B02C053
Publication Date: 11/29/2002
Revision Date: 11/9/2009
Length: 10 pages

The head of salaried personnel at a large automotive manufacturer is faced with the unenviable task of implementing head count reductions. Several options are available including voluntary leave of absence, contract position reductions and early retirement packages. She must decide the best method to carry out the reductions and how to keep the targeted reductions fair to all employees at the company. Supplemental case Janet Michaels at American Car, product 9B02C054 discusses her decision.

Teaching Note: 8B02C53 (4 pages)
Industry: Manufacturing
Issues: Employee Termination; Human Resources Management
Difficulty: 4 - Undergraduate/MBA

David J. Sharp, Ken Mark

Product Number: 9B02C014
Publication Date: 4/8/2002
Revision Date: 10/29/2009
Length: 7 pages

Northeastern Mutual Life is a large insurance company. As a result of falling profitability, the chief executive officer has to evaluate the rights of various stakeholders as he plans to reduce staff. He must quantify in dollar terms the moral claims of shareholders and various other stakeholders, and apply ethical analysis where legal requirements are unclear. In particular, he must decide how to manage the layoffs and the implications to the company of the payout of pension benefits.

Teaching Note: 8B02C14 (4 pages)
Industry: Finance and Insurance
Issues: Ethical Issues; Employee Termination; Productivity; Human Resources Management
Difficulty: 4 - Undergraduate/MBA

James A. Erskine, Duane Snelgrove

Product Number: 9B01C023
Publication Date: 8/31/2001
Revision Date: 12/16/2009
Length: 9 pages

Dynamic Engine Inc. is one of 12 divisions of the automotive parts maker North American Auto Parts. With guidance from the parent company, Dynamic Engine has well-established human resources policies, training programs and employee assistance programs that are available to all employees. The materials and purchasing manager must deal with the poor attendance of an employee whose performance until recently was considered above average. He discusses the issue with the employee and believes the problem has been resolved. Shortly after this conversation, he discovers that the absenteeism problem with this employee is still occurring, and now must determine what his next step is to resolve this issue.

Teaching Note: 8B01C23 (3 pages)
Industry: Manufacturing
Issues: Discipline; Absenteeism; Employee Termination; Human Resources Management
Difficulty: 4 - Undergraduate/MBA

Chapter 12:
Staffing System Management

Joerg Dietz, Chetan Joshi

Product Number: 9B07C004
Publication Date: 1/30/2007
Revision Date: 3/25/2008
Length: 15 pages

This case describes the measurement and evaluation of high performance principles of people management in a retail bank by a consulting company. This case serves as a platform for students to deliberate on what is involved in an organization's quest to achieve competitive success through its workforce. A unique strength of the case is that students are asked to quantitatively test their arguments with data provided in an Excel spreadsheet that accompanies the case (Ivey product #7B07C004). The case is intended as an integrated case across organizational behavior, management science and communication. The organizational behavior teaching approach is included to demonstrate that effective people management is associated with competitive advantages. For management science, the case serves to practice correlation and regression analyses. For communication, the case allows students to prepare a presentation that effectively communicates the complex and comprehensive results of their analyses.

Teaching Note: 8B07C04 (18 pages)
Industry: Administrative, Support, Waste Management and Remediation Services
Issues: Communications; Regression Analysis; Human Resources Management; Consulting
Difficulty: 4 - Undergraduate/MBA

Charlene Zietsma, Geoffrey Kistruck

Product Number: 9B05M050
Publication Date: 9/22/2005
Revision Date: 10/1/2009
Length: 16 pages

The Aurora Cultural Centre's mission is to foster a more just community, globally and locally, by providing community education on diversity and cross-cultural awareness, global development issues, and immigration/refugee issues. The centre also provide housing and settlement services to new immigrants and refugees. The organization has been facing budget deficits, administrative overload, board member turnover and staff problems. A recently appointed member of the board is preparing to lead a board strategy retreat and must make recommendations on improvements to the agency's financial performance and must determine how she can convince the board members that the situation is serious and requires immediate action.

Teaching Note: 8B05M50 (10 pages)
Industry: Social Advocacy Organizations
Issues: Strategy Development; Mission Statements; Non-Profit Organization
Difficulty: 4 - Undergraduate/MBA

Paul W. Beamish, Jane W. Lu

Product Number: 9B05M035
Publication Date: 4/11/2005
Revision Date: 9/21/2011
Length: 14 pages

Majestica Hotels Inc., a leading European operator of luxury hotels, was trying to reach an agreement with Commercial Properties of Shanghai regarding the management contract for a new hotel in Shanghai. A series of issues require resolution for the deal to proceed, including length of contract term, name, staffing and many other control issues. Majestica was reluctant to make further concessions for fear that doing so might jeopardize its service culture, arguably the key success factor in this industry. At issue was whether Majestica should adopt a contingency approach and relax its operating philosophy, or stick to its principles, even if it meant not entering a lucrative market.

Teaching Note: 8B05M35 (8 pages)
Industry: Accommodation & Food Services
Issues: China; Market Entry; Negotiation; Control Systems; Corporate Culture
Difficulty: 4 - Undergraduate/MBA