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Social Advocacy and Guerrilla Marketing: The No Fly List Kids Canada
Fareena Sultan

Product Number: 9B19A022
Publication Date: 06/05/2019
Length: 17 pages (9 pages of text) 

A group of Canadian parents wanted the Canadian government to create a redress system related to Canada’s no-fly list, which affected some of their young children whenever they flew. The parents formed an advocacy group called the No Fly List Kids group in 2016, and the group undertook various campaigns—including innovative guerrilla marketing campaigns and uses of both digital and traditional marketing—to highlight the issue of Canadian children being identified as potential security risks before they boarded flights within Canada. Over a three-year period, the group worked to raise awareness of the issue and to pressure the Canadian government to create a redress system similar to that in the United States. Its efforts eventually resulted in the allocation in 2018 of CA$81.4 million dollars for a redress system. In November 2018, the group was scheduled to meet members of the Senate, and it had to decide what short-term and long-term activities to undertake to achieve its stated goal of having a functioning redress system that would help all those affected by the no-fly list—not only children of group members, but all people, young and old, from various backgrounds.


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