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Featured industry: Transportation and Warehousing

Featured Industry:

Transportation and Warehousing

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Spotify's Direct-Listing IPO

This featured case tackles how to value a market leader when it decides to skip Wall Street.

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Amazon.com: Conquering Grocery's Last Mile
June CotteKen Mark

Product Number: 9B18A025
Publication Date: 04/24/2018
Length: 12 pages (6 pages of text)

In February 2018, Amazon.com Inc. (Amazon) was tackling what seemed to be the most challenging problem in grocery retailinghow to efficiently and effectively deliver groceries to customersknown generally as the last-mile challenge. Amazon’s efforts to solve the last mile challenge for grocery delivery had not thus far been successful.

The case is designed to help students learn how to outline the value proposition of a service offering, define the resources and capabilities required to offer a new service, and understand the economics of marketing programs.

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